Future Anticipated Question

Guarantee one of 9 legendary skins worth a $100+ value with 1% chance of getting Mythic skin worth a $1000+ value. Also included an exclusive tournament ticket with up to $200K prize pool (10% of NFT sales). Exclusive benefit to access the upcoming Mints whitelist, Item Drop, and Airdrops.
The MetaDOS Genesis Chest is an exclusive, limited-edition NFT meant for early supporters of the game, giving them exclusive benefits! Once you acquire the Genesis Chest, the future is in your hands.
Always use this official link to buy a MetaDOS Genesis Chest NFT: https://metados.com/mint
Yes absolutely, you can trade or sell your Chest and NFT Items via popular marketplace (OverMint, Opensea, Kalao, etc...).
MetaDOS Genesis Chest NFTs will be sold (minted) on the Avalanche blockchain.
Once complete the Mint, Owners can check NFT Chest:
- Access your MetaDOS.com and log in.
- In Profile page, select Inventory Tab in Left Menu.
- Select Genesis Chest and redeem.
No. Owners can open the NFT anytime. NFT Chest owners have lifetime benefits while they hold their Chest. The Chest owners will control all assets and rewards granted to owners of the Genesis Chest.